Surefire Border Collies
                      Kerales Kit x Stun
      Drive, brains, focus, biddability, speed, desire, exceptional work ethic and athleticism.
        Short to medium rough coats, black and white, and BW tri expected,
 Litter Pedigree        
This is a repeat breeding. My wonderful girls, Thrive and Doce, are products of this great match up,
                      Both are everything I could hope for from these two outstanding parents.
Kit is Hips OFA GOOD,   Elbows OFA Normal, CERF
Normal, CEA Normal by parentage.  Both of her
parents, Kerales Pearl and Intention, Kid,  are also OFA
Good.  Both of Kit's parents trialed in agility but her
heritage includes world class herding dogs. Pearl is
imported from Wales from top herding lines and Kid is
out of US Open trial winners.  Kit has some very
talented siblings including Jessica Ajoux's Streak (4th
place 2010 AKC World Team Tryouts at age 3!),and  
Rosanne Demascio's Seri who like Kit qualified for the
2009 Cynosport World Games at age 3. Her sire, Kid,
was an AKC Nationals Finalist in 2010 and 2011, and is
also sire to the very talented AKC National Agility
Champion, Yankee, owned by Olga Chaiko.
Kit's  Dam Pearl
Kit's  Sire Kid
Stun is prelimed OFA EXCELLENT  at 18 months,    
CEA carrier, BAER Normal.   Both of his parents,
Sooner and Jedi, are OFA GOOD. Stun comes from a
long line of outstanding performance dogs with
breedings back to herding lines intertwined. Stun has
many talented half-siblings competing in flyball and
Stun's Sire Sooner
Stun's Dam Jedi
This cross brings together two outstanding working and performance pedigrees.   Both Kit and Stun have
outstanding herding champions behind them. Notable dogs include Templeton's Roy and Aled Owen's
International Champion Bob behind Kit, and International Supreme Champion Wisp behind Stun.  Both these
dogs are started on sheep and are keen and naturally talented.  My primary interest is agility. Kit has many
talented close relations in agility competing at the top of the sport. Stun has many OTCH and ROM dogs
behind him. Both these dogs are able and willing agility partners that excel in the sport.

Stun stands 20 inches and has a strong athletic build. He has a powerful stride enabling great ground speed
and the ability to power effortlessly over jumps. He is very smart and easy to train  and has a biddable,
eager to please nature. He is competing in agility in AKC Masters and USDAA Advanced.
Kit is dripping with drive and ultra fast in agility and very natural and keen on stock. She is incredibly bright
and also very easy to train. She is very sweet and settles down nicely in the house and loves to cuddle, she
is an avid dog agility video watcher :-). She is competing in AKC Excellent and USDAA Advanced and
USBCHA Novice.  Kit is 19 1/2 inches tall, 33 pounds.  Both these dogs are extremely keen and love to work,
they are both very eager, focused and enthusiastic teammates. I anticipate the pups to be very high drive,
smart, focused, biddable and athletic, and very competitive in  agility at the highest level.

Kit's pedigree:   Click here

Stun's pedigree:   Click here

Videos of Kit and Stun:  Click here.  

Videos of Kit's sire and siblings
competing in agility:
 Click here.  

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Videos of Stun's Sire and Half- Siblings
in agility Click here.
Note: Stun  is solid black and
white and does
not carry the
merle gene. Merle is a
dominant gene and he does
not carry it, so no merle pups
can be produced in this cross.  
Black and White, and Black Tri
pups are expected :-).