I can tell you this course has already paid off - I went to an Agility test yesterday. On the test, I already a
clean run and win the class! Ayala and Border Collie Nar

I am loving this class! Melanie and Corgi Ace

With the grid work we have been doing she seems to be jumping much better in trials, she won Masters
jumping, agility and snooker yesterday. Geraldine and BC Jazz

Thanks I learned a lot and am looking forward to continuing on with you in the next class! Janet and
Doberman Panzie

Can't wait for the next class! Laura and King Charles Spaniel Skittles

Great class... everyone should check it out. Diane and BC Spring

This class has been awesome for my dog. I had tried someone else's system with no luck whatsoever
before. In this short amount of time he's has really progressed. He's realizing he's not a bull and this is
not a china shop. Thanks.  Richard and Malinois Zen

Just wanted to give u an update on Riggs since we started the jump skills class. He finally got his open
jumpers title last weekend! He is knocking a lot less bars at trials than before. Thanks again!! Julia and
Australian Shepherd Riggs

I highly recommend Ann's online jumping skills classes! I have seen a HUGE improvement in Prime's very
affordable price! Heidi and Border Collie Prime, and Golden Retriever Dug

Our lessons are working! Heidi didn't knock any bars in today's USDAA events, jumping at 22 inches, and
she's taking off much closer to the jumps now! Peggy and Wirehaired Pointing Griffon  Heidi

Jive did get 2 Q's and his Open Standard title last weekend...we haven't Q in 2 years. Thank you Ann for
this jumping class. Terri and Sheltie Jive

Thank you, Ann! At the trial this weekend, I saw a dramatic decrease in dropped bars.  I cannot tell you
how pleased I am with his progress! Thank you so much for all your help. Aleta and BC Enzo
You will be asked to please not share course materials and not allow others
access to your account to view materials. This will aid me in my effort to keep
prices down for my online educational services. If someone you know would
like access to the material but not feedback on their training then please let
them know auditing spots are available for the very low price of $75. Thanks!

Ann Croft Agility Coach

Like to teach your dog to jump with more power, to extend, collect, and turn tight
over jumps? Have a young dog you'd like to establish a good jumping foundation
on, or an already competing dog who has trouble with bars, reading lines, or judging
take off? This online class will help your dog develop the skills necessary to  move
through the course with balance, speed and power.

The current class session is underway, however i am still accepting registrations.
Don't worry you can work at your own pace and you will have all the time you need to
complete the exercises  :-).
 There will be six written lessons and I will release a new
one every two weeks. You may videotape your training and share with the group and
I will give feedback.   Videos, analyses and comments will be available for viewing by
all class participants and auditors. Although the regular class time is complete in
twelve weeks, I give six full months to submit video for feedback, and a full year of
access to the classroom!
You will need a minimum space of approximately 8 x 30 ft and five jumps for this
course. A perfect rectangle of these dimensions is not absolutely required, so if you
have a bit less and are interested in class contact me with the details of your
available space and I will let you know if it will work.
This class is intended for dogs ten months of age or older, however, modified
protocols are provided for dogs aged eight months and older at time class starts.
Class fees: working spots $150 and auditors $75.
I am accepting registrations now,
working spots limited to twelve participants. Please click on the PayPal button below
the testimonials to purchase, or email me at
AnnCroftAgilityCoach@gmail.com for
more details!
Please click on the dog at right to purchase----->
Please click on the dog at right to purchase ----->